Oldest Cities In The Entire World – Part 2 (Updated 2023)

There is a tale to be told in every city in the globe. The stories from the ancient cities’ rich cultural history are much more numerous. They exhibit the traces of changing human civilizations and have an enthralling history and architecture. With the exception of invasions by humans and natural disasters, the majority of ancient towns across the world have survived the test of time. So let’s look at some of the world’s oldest cities that are still prospering today.

Athens, Greece

Without discussing Athens, the hub of Western civilization, you can not talk about historic cities. The Greek capital has been continuously inhabited for more than 3,000 years and has always been on the cutting edge, providing us everything from democracy to Western philosophy. Athens is a city that prioritizes the present, but its countless years of history permeate every pore and crevice. The city’s historical features are well known, and a tour of Athens takes visitors on a wild journey through some of the most well-known landmarks on earth. With that in mind, why not stop at Psarras Tavern, which is reputed to be the city’s oldest restaurant.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi has experienced a lot over its history. Despite the fact that An Dng Vng, the monarch of the u Lc state, erected the Vietnamese capital here in 257 BC, people had camped here since the Paleolithic era. Even while Hanoi is now well-known for its cuisine, crowded streets, and cultural attractions, any respectable investigation of this exciting city must take history into consideration. One of the most famous landmarks in a nation full of them is the One Pillar Pagoda, which was built in 1049.

Byblos, Lebanon

Byblos in antiquity has earned a reputation as one of the best day excursions from Beirut, but those who only visit briefly are losing out. The Old Souq and Citadel are both in the town’s center, which was first inhabited circa 8800 BC. Byblos has seen many different civilizations come and go, all of which left their stamp in some fashion. Since the Neolithic era, which was a very, very long time ago, people have lived here. The marketplaces are the main attraction; take a minute to reflect on the numerous peoples who have transacted business here throughout the years.

Quito, Ecuador

The capital of Ecuador, often considered to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in South America, was actually the first city on the original list to be accorded UNESCO World Heritage designation in 1978, along with Krakow. That fact alone demonstrates Quito’s historic district’s excellent preservation, and visiting the city is like taking a trip back to the Spanish conquests in the middle of the 16th century. Although there are earlier archaeological sites in South America, no other contemporary city is older than Quito. You must mean the old town, right? The central area of churches and monasteries in Quito, which was built on the remains of an Inca city in the 16th century, is where the masses congregate.

Multan, Pakistan

Although Multan is home to several tombs, the Multan Fort is the city’s main attraction. Here, the first fort was constructed between 800 and 1000 BC, and it has since been destroyed and rebuilt multiple times. It is a very opulent example of historical construction. Many towns in Central and South Asia make the claim to be the oldest; Samarkand, Peshawar, and Kandahar are just a few of the deserving candidates. However, Multan has the upper hand because to the archaeological wonders in and around the city. Multan’s chronology is a who is who of empires, from Alexander the Great to the British to the Mongol, Mughal, and more. Multan’s history dates back a very, very long time. The City of Saints in Pakistan is a stunning place with many interesting tales to share.

Cholula, Mexico

The juxtaposition of old and modern in Cholula is mind-boggling. The old and new coexist here like a Russian doll inside of the very new and the very, very ancient. Around 500 BC, two towns near water sources in the east were the beginnings of Cholula, which later grew to be the contemporary marvel of 150,000 inhabitants that we know and love today. Along with the vibrant marketplaces and stunning colonial architecture, Cholula is renowned for its numerous churches. Oh, and the whole “largest pyramid in the world” thing. The two most well-known volcanoes in Mexico, Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl, create a spectacular backdrop for the whole event. It should not come as a major surprise that the world’s tallest pyramid (by volume) was constructed over the course of four stages that spanned nine centuries (3rd BC to 9th AD). It is, after all, very large. The pyramid’s top is occupied by the magnificent Iglesia de Nuestra Seora de los Remedios, one of Mexico’s most attractive churches.

Jericho, West Bank

Jericho is always brought up while discussing the oldest cities in the world. A key trade station for much of its existence, Jericho is situated in the West Bank not far from the Jordan River and has been continuously inhabited for over 11,000 years. It is even referenced in the Old Testament. Jericho was the first city given to Palestine during the 1994 Oslo Accords, and history is still being produced here. Go see the location where Jesus fasted after being baptized by John the Baptist if you can. The Mount of Temptation is where you should go, as a cable car whisks people up there all day long.

Argos, Greece

The historic Argos Theatre had a market that existed before the exhibition center and was largely carved out of rock. Even more than 2,300 years after it was erected, this location continues to host events and concerts. Since history buffs have drawn to Greece since humans have traveled elsewhere, the presence of Europe’s oldest city here should not come as much of a surprise. The winner is Argos, a stunning city in the Peloponnese that was once the most significant Greek city. For such times, you must go back to 1200 BC, and Argos is a charming regional hub with much to keep tourists of all sorts occupied today. History is undoubtedly king.

Oldest Cities In The Entire World – Part 1 (Updated 2023)

The earth is ancient. Though humans have not always called our amazing rock home, the world is dotted with great cities that can lay claim to a long history. Our endearing species did not settle down for a time. The brutal apathy of history has robbed mankind of many of its early settlements, yet the planet’s oldest cities are examples of a wide variety of cultures and civilizations. What is the world’s oldest city, then? A controversial query, but perhaps you can find the solution here. These are the world’s oldest cities, and they can be found on every continent except Antarctica. Despite being the oldest capital in the world and one of the oldest cities in the world, Damascus is currently off the table due to the unrest in Syria. Additionally, the oldest cities on each continent are included in the list out of geographical fairness.

Xi’an, China

China is home to many ancient cities, but few are as significant as Xi’an. Xi’an, which was once known as Chang’an, has been inhabited for more than 3,000 years and has been the seat of 13 dynasties (or, if you are keeping score, 73 emperors). It is not without justification that they refer to it as the cradle of Chinese civilization. Any other army of terracotta warriors feels out of place. Not many discoveries are as well-known as archaeological ones.

Luxor, Egypt

Archaeologists recently made headlines for finding the full ruins of a 1,800-year-old Roman city near Luxor. Being the location of the Ancient Egyptian capital Thebes, Luxor is no stranger to important historical discoveries, and it is not impossible that more will be made in the upcoming years. Although Luxor is an archaeologist’s paradise, regular travelers will also find a lot to appreciate there. Put on your walking shoes and tour the temples, tombs, and other sites in Luxor, which is sometimes referred to as the largest open-air museum in the world.

Beijing, China

On most lists of the oldest cities in the world, Beijing is frequently found close to the top. China’s chaotic capital, one of the largest cities on earth (population hovering at 22 million at the time of writing), is also one of the oldest, with more than 3,000 years of recorded history. Additionally, the enormous metropolis is bordered by historical landmarks, including a particular section of the Great Wall that you may or may not be familiar with. The oldest temple in Beijing, Tanzhe Temple, is usually credited with having sparked the growth of the city. As they say, Tanzhe comes first, then the city…

Djenne, Mali

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Djenne, a historic city on the banks of the Bani and Niger rivers, may like a scene from a movie, but it is actually a very real location. Despite a turbulent history, Djenne has been inhabited since roughly 2000 BC. The same is true with visitors, however the current scarcity allows for a tranquil trip. Although most people arrive via Mopti in the north, Djenne is eight hours by car from Bamako. The biggest mud-brick building in the world may not be the oldest object in Djenne, but it is certainly one of the oldest things there is. Although mosques have stood here since the 13th century, Djenne’s Great Mosque’s present design was built in 1907.

Varanasi, India

The world’s oldest religion’s holy city must be quite ancient, right? Varanasi has been a hub of study and culture for more than 3,000 years, and both believers and skeptics have spent generations investigating it. Varanasi may be even older—Shiva is credited with founding the city—but it is now a magnificent city of temples. There are several temples in Varanasi, but the grand Shri Tilbhandeshwar Mahadev Mandir is the city’s first. It was built in the 18th century, which may not seem very ancient given the antiquity of the city, but it is still a beautiful building.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Plovdiv, which is frequently referred to as the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe, is a city that is still growing and changing. The second-largest city in Bulgaria has been inhabited for 8,000 years, yet a thriving restaurant and cafe culture demonstrates Plovdiv’s desire for adventure. However, there is still a lot for history enthusiasts to appreciate, from amphitheaters to historic villages and more. Nebet Tepe must be visited. Ruins from this hill, which surrounds the city, date to 4000 BC, marking the beginning of human settlement in this region.

Sydney, Australia

It may seem weird to have a city founded in 1788 on our list, much less one on a continent that has been home to people for at least 65,000 years, but the world is a funny place. When a ship of convicts and soldiers headed by Arthur Phillip arrived at Sydney after an arduous trip from the other side of the globe, Sydney became the first city to be founded in modern Australia. The day of the city’s establishment, January 26, is also observed as Australia Day, further highlighting Harbour City’s significance in Australian history. Do not forget to see the Old Government House. It was built at the start of the nineteenth century, making it Australia’s oldest public structure.

Best Family-Friendly Campsites This Summer In United Kingdom – Part 2 (Updated 2023)

One of the top summer vacation activities in the UK is camping. An adventurous trip to the UK is made possible by the sun, the outdoors, time spent in the countryside or by the seaside, and a good probability of rain to provide some variety. This blog article has all the information you need on the top camping spots in the UK. Summer camping is growing in popularity in the UK due to the increasing usage of campervans and van conversions. Camping in the UK is still a terrific way to spend a weekend with friends and get back to nature, even without a van.

Beryl’s Campsite, Kingsbridge

This little camping close to the South Devon shore was unnamed for a very long time. Regular customers just referred to it as Beryl’s, after one of the proprietors. Years later, the name has endured, and the Beryl’s family is now in charge of administering this endearing establishment. Although the amenities are simple, they provide all the necessities, like hot showers, refrigerators, and fire pits. Here, the emphasis is on the breathtaking surroundings. You can stroll to the beach, stop by the neighborhood pub for a beer, or drive to some of the beautiful seaside towns nearby. We recommend Dartmouth, Salcombe, and Brixham, to name a few.

Kilvrecht Campsite, Pitlochry

Make your way to the woods for the best escape. A refuge in the middle of Scotland, Kilvrecht is where you may unzip your tent to the sound of birdsong and fall asleep to the sound of the wind rustling through the trees. The absence of hot water and electricity hookups makes it the ideal place for a digital detox. Inhale the clean woodland air, put your phone down, and return to your fundamentals. Instead of scrolling, take a stroll and head down to the forest-ringed Loch Rannoch for some fishing. From there, you can see Schiehallion’s peak in the distance. For the summer, just remember to bring insect spray. Later, please thank us.

Ashbourne Woods, Devon

Today’s woods are littered with tents and joyful campers roasting marshmallows on open fire pits, so if you go there, you are in for a great surprise! Although it should not come as much of a surprise given that it is a campground, Ashbourne Woods’ large grounds and abundance of trees allow guests to tuck themselves away in a quiet, cozy spot surrounded by the great outdoors. Go wild and spend the night in the woods under the stars, or pick a more durable home, like the wooden camping pod with heating and power that is bring your own bed.

Cornish Tipi Holidays, Cornwall

In a secret wooded valley in Cornwall, you may go wild camping or rent a North American tipi if you have your own pop-up with poles. Whatever you decide, there are private areas or broad meadows where you may pitch your tent, allowing you to be as social or alone as you choose. A lovely lake is nearby where you may go canoeing, swimming, or just rest by the water’s side and watch the swallows and dragonflies float past. Happy campers can eat wood-fired pizza and falafel at the unusual on-site cafe, which erupts inside a polytunnel, from April to September. Light the fire pit at night, roast some marshmallows, and take in the stars.

Trevedra Farm Caravan & Camping Site, Penzance

If you travel all the way down south to the UK’s toe, you will be rewarded with a stay at Trevedra Farm, a sizable, well-equipped campground with a view of the glistening sea. All the necessities are available in the on-site store, including milk, bread, and Cornish pasties. Get outside and ride one of the farm’s electric bikes to explore the shoreline when you have finished battling with the tent poles. Even the most lethargic person can easily ascend steep slopes to see local must-see destinations like Land’s End and The Minack Theatre with a quick flip of the turbo switch and these nimble wheels.

Ten Acres Vineyard Campsite, Devon

Try camping close to a vineyard in Devon for something a bit different. Bring your own tent or rent one of the glamping alternatives, such as a furnished safari tent or a bell tent that is not equipped. With a vineyard right outside your door, it only seems sense to try a little wine sampling, knowing you can amble (or stumble) back to your tent whenever you are done. Conveniently, the Devon Wine Shack is also the campground’s front desk. Here, you can get all the necessities, including camping supplies, regional crafts, and, of course, a variety of wines. A toast to it.

Top of the Woods,  Pembrokeshire

Everything at Top of the Woods in Pembrokeshire, Wales, is focused on reconnecting with nature. They also have a variety of methods for doing it. The only choice you will need to make is which eco-friendly lodging to select. Which will you pick: a modern nature dome that resembles a huge golf ball or a small safari lodge? Or a “pioneer camp” with a sizable cabin that combines a tent and a marquee with a separate kitchen under cover? There is always the tried-and-true option: bring your own tent and set up camp in a meadow filled with wildflowers.

Fidden Farm Campsite, Isle of Mull

You may mistake this for the Caribbean with its white beach and beautiful sea, but it is really Scotland. This isolated campground is tucked away on the Isle of Mull (you will need to take the boat across), backing directly onto the shore, so you can anticipate being soothed to sleep by the sound of waves. Bring your bikes and kayaks to explore the island’s off-the-beaten-path regions and view animals like dolphins and eagles while spending the day exploring the rocky shoreline.

Wytch Wood Camping, Somerset

Which will you choose to round your temporary dwelling—wildflowers or woods? Wytch Wood offers spacious pitches dispersed across the verdant area, making it a more environmentally responsible vacation option in any case. Expect composting restrooms, hot showers, eco-friendly washing solutions, and shampoo at an off-the-grid location with remarkable amenities. Coffee from a nearby roastery and custom canned drinks produced on-site with locally gathered ingredients are other creature pleasures. The fact that BBQs are permitted will please those who enjoy fires. On weekends, keep an eye out for pop-up food vendors selling things like sourdough pizza and Indian tiffin boxes.

Best Family-Friendly Campsites This Summer In United Kingdom – Part 1 (Updated 2023)

One of life’s greatest delights is camping. The big outdoors, with no bothersome neighbors and only the companionship of nature. Well, there are not many better things. And for the best camping vacation anywhere, the British countryside is unbeatable. The UK is the ultimate camping destination with its lush nature, breathtaking vistas, and, of course, a huge range of rural pubs. You may find everything from fantastic scenic walks and fantasy woods to dramatic coasts and towering peaks all around the nation. From the windswept harshness of the Scottish Highlands to the rolling meadows of the Chilterns, there is something for every type of camper. Even while you may “wild camp” in a lot of locations, it is sometimes preferable to set up your tent in a designated campground. We step in at this point. The best spots in the nation to spend the night outside are summed up below, from Devon and Cornwall to the Isle of Mull and the Gower Peninsula. The top camping locations in the UK are listed below.

Woodfire Camping, Sussex

When you stay at Woodfire, camping does not have to mean getting by on a tin of baked beans. For their guests, the campground cooks prepare a killer breakfast every morning from Friday through Sunday. From Thursday through Sunday, they fire the massive multi-level barbeque and grill fish, pork, and vegetables according to what is in season. Choose between Westerlands and Firle as your locations. Both are located in the South Downs “dark sky reserve,” making the stargazing here rather beautiful. They both include the standard hot showers, composting restrooms, and washing areas.

Harry’s Field Campsite New Forest, Hampshire

With a pitch at one of Harry’s campgrounds, you may join the free-ranging ponies, deer, and donkeys who make the New Forest home. There are four Harry’s locations scattered across the National Park, each with its distinct flavor. For instance, Harry’s Field in Frogham is a little, down-to-earth getaway with a real pub just outside; in contrast, Harry’s Meadow in Hale Park is a 40-acre space with barista coffee, pizza on the weekends, and a mobile cocktail bar.

The Pig Place, Oxfordshire

At The Pig Place, a functioning farm with a herd of free-range pigs on a gorgeous bank of the Oxford canal—far from a petting zoo—campers may interact directly with their meal. Just be careful not to get too attached—the greatest bacon and sausage come from free-range pigs, and both are served on site in filling breakfast dishes and “doorstop” sandwiches. Veggie? No big issue; the farm shop and café also provide meat, gluten-free, and dairy-free alternatives.

Low Wray Campsite, Ambleside

Camp near Windermere, the most well-known lake in the Lake District. Make the most of your proximity to the sea by participating in water sports like canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding, or rowing. This National Trust campground offers both conventional campsites with views of a lake or meadow and glamping safari tents. Bear Grylls would be happy if you tried your hand at hammock camping, which is back to basics. You may also stay in one of the two cozy tree tents, which are simply big canvas balls swinging from the branches, if you want to camp in the trees rather than below them.

Castle Knights Glamping and Campsite, Monmouthshire

At Castle Knights, where you may camp on the grounds of a real castle, you can put contemporary life behind you and travel back in time. There is a field for traditional camping and a variety of glamping pods in every size and form, including miniature forts, barrels, and yurts. You will not have to worry about leaving behind all of your modern conveniences however; there is a shared cooking barn, two hot power showers, and contemporary restrooms in a medieval-style building.

Hooks House Farm,  North Yorkshire

On the North Yorkshire coast, a little campground offers stunning views of the water and Robin Hood Bay. Even though you are located on a working farm with expansive sea views, the nearest shops and bars are actually only a short stroll away. Going on a day trip? For those who want to travel farther, there is the adjacent town of Whitby, the North York Moors, and Scarborough, which is only a short drive away.

Hidden Valley Camping, Worcestershire

The major attraction at this lush getaway in rural Worcestershire is a dose of solitude and quiet. Set up your tent in a quiet area of this active farm, which restricts visitors to maintain the laid-back atmosphere even on weekends. Visit the area’s picturesque Georgian villages throughout the day or enjoy a drink at one of the top-notch nearby cider farms. By candlelight, get marshmallows from the honesty store, build a fire, and listen to the sounds of nature. Partygoers beware—large groups and loud speakers are expressly prohibited here. Now it sounds like music to us.

Holden Farm Camping & Cafe, Hampshire

At this functioning farm, where the large grass fields offer plenty of space for kite-flying and cricket, drift asleep to the sounds of sheep baaing and owls hooting. No camper is left without a cup of coffee in the morning thanks to the included firepits and shared refrigerators and kettles. It draws a throng from beyond the campsite to the on-site café for the top brews, sourdough toasties, and cake since the coffee there is also excellent.

Hillend Camping Park, Gower

Rhossili Bay, on the adored Gower Peninsula, is one of Wales’ most picture-perfect beaches, and it is only 10 minutes’ walk from our campground. Although Hillend boasts an outstanding 230 pitches, there is plenty of space to sprawl out in this coastal town. A café selling traditional coastal fare like fish and chips, a kids’ play area, and a laundromat are just a few of the services available in Hillend if you are a sucker for home comforts.

Best Family-Friendly Aquariums In United States – Part 2 (Updated 2023)

It could be challenging to select the best aquarium in the US. Since Georgia, Monterey Bay, and the New York Aquarium are the homes of a broad range of aquatic species, you should include them on your bucket list.
But visiting any of the aquariums on the list below offers a great experience and the chance to obtain close-up encounters with unusual aquatic species that we don’t commonly see.

Tennessee Aquarium, Tennessee

Numerous marine species may be seen in the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga. A total of 618,000 gallons of water may be stored in the Tennessee Aquarium’s biggest tank. In the displays that are always changing, you will encounter enormous turtles. In two hours, you can see the entire aquarium. By visiting the Penguin Exhibit, River Journey, and Ocean Journey, visitors may also see penguins and other birds. The aquarium recently debuted seven sharks, including Sandbars and Sand Tigers. In the Tennessee Aquarium, green sea turtles are very prevalent. Both freshwater and saltwater fish reside in the aquarium. The Chattanooga Aquarium is also one of the few aquariums that house red wolves and West Indian manatees.

Seattle Aquarium, Washington

The Seattle Aquarium, which opened on May 20, 1977, is currently the ninth-largest aquarium in the US. You can see hundreds of marine critters in a 360-degree perspective via the underwater aquarium’s brief tube. A record 12,000 species of fish and animals may be found at the aquarium. So invite your friends and family to the Seattle Aquarium to learn about sharks and skates. In the exhibit, you may also interact with dolphins and sea otters. Seals and orcas are among of the aquarium’s other amazing animals. Additionally, there are penguins and Beluga whales in this magnificent aquarium.

New York Aquarium, New York

The New York Aquarium is a Coney Island must-see site that is renowned for its boardwalk. Meeting the sharks and rays at the New York Aquarium will be a pleasant experience for you. Over 115 undersea species, including several kinds of sharks, may be found in the aquarium. Each year, hundreds of people visit the oldest aquarium still in operation. The aquarium is crucial to preserving biodiversity and teaching people to appreciate aquatic life. Electric eels and sea horses have lately been introduced at the New York Aquarium. Your knowledge of penguins and vibrant tropical fish will be expanded by the aquarium personnel. The New York Zoological Society now oversees the aquarium.

The Florida Aquarium, Florida

It is widely recognized for its commitment to animal conservation that the Florida Aquarium in Tampa, Florida, was founded. The Florida Aquarium is open to the public without reservations. Prior to visiting the aquarium, members need make their reservations. You do not need to carry food because the Florida Aquarium offers a broad range of delights. Freshwater creatures are housed in Florida Aquarium, like other top aquariums on this list. Your children may have fun in the water adventure area while you educate them about river otters and marine stars. The Florida Aquarium presents a number of educational shows every year. Licensed and qualified scuba divers are allowed to participate in the swim with the fish excursion.

Mystic Aquarium, Connecticut

One of only two American establishments housing sea lions is Mystic Aquarium, which opened on October 7, 1973. Explore the ocean planet’s depths while visiting Mystic Aquarium. Visitors may view Beluga whales, penguins, and jellyfish in the aquarium’s expansive exhibit. It is interesting that on your birthday, you get free entrance to Mystic Aquarium. However, you must present a picture ID or birth certificate to confirm that it is your birthday. Your friends will also receive a little discount, but they are need to provide confirmation of AAA membership. If you have an EBT card from Rhode Island, you may also get a free admission ticket to the Mystic Aquarium.

Ripley Aquarium of the Smokies, Tennessee

Ripley Aquarium’s cutting-edge facilities house a variety of sharks, including Sand Tiger Shark and Green Moray. At the Ripley Aquarium, divers must be qualified and licensed. The Ripley Aquarium also houses stingrays and tropical fish with rainbow-hued colors, like other aquariums in the US. Although the authorities permit visitors to get up close and personal with sea turtles and sawfish, swimming with sharks is not permitted at the Ripley aquarium.

Monterey Bay Aquarium, California

The Monterey Bay Aquarium, which is in the Californian city of Monterey, attempts to promote ocean preservation. The emphasis on the Monterey Bay marine environments at this public aquarium is well recognized. The aquarium was established in 1984 with an emphasis on protecting extinct bird species and sea otters. By successfully showcasing a great white shark, Monterey Bay takes satisfaction in being the first in animal husbandry. For its work in ocean conservation, the charity aquarium has won several accolades. The aquarium features 35,000 creatures from at least 500 different kinds. In the aquarium, you may learn about what occurs in the world’s oceans. The pulsing jellyfish and stunning backdrop of Monterey Bay make it special. Monterey Bay Aquarium may be explored on foot in around 3 hours.

National Aquarium, Maryland

It was founded in 1981 and has won several. The greatest paid tourist attraction in Maryland at the moment is the National Aquarium. Thousands of reptiles and animals may be seen at the aquarium. The average time spent at the National Aquarium is three hours. Sand tigers and many shark species may be seen in the National Aquarium. There are no dolphin shows at the aquarium. Visitors can instead watch the creatures from tanks. The dolphin portion of the aquarium is divided by dividers so that you cannot swim with the dolphins. If you want to witness at least 20,000 aquatic species, you must visit the National Aquarium. The aquarium has some tanks with a two million gallon water capacity.

Best Family-Friendly Aquariums In United States – Part 1 (Updated 2023)

We have a rare opportunity to view exotic marine life as well as other species that inhabit lakes and rivers in aquariums. Additionally, going to aquariums is a fantastic way to decompress and get immersed in the aquatic environment. Commonly, aquariums are among the top tourist attractions in any city. They provide the chance to have a combine entertainment and education, or simply get to interact in person with your favorite sea life.

Georgia Aquarium, Georgia

The largest aquarium in the country, Georgia Aquarium has over 100,000 animals and 500 underwater species. It is the only aquarium in the country where whale sharks are kept. Large viewing windows allow you to see the whale sharks. In the aquarium, you may also see sea lions and sea otters. When you enter the aquarium, you must present your ID. Your general admission ticket to the Georgia Aquarium includes free access to the Dolphin Celebration program and dolphin presentations.

New England Aquarium, Massachusetts

Boston’s New England Aquarium is a popular tourist destination. Numerous aquatic creatures, including African penguins, may be found in the aquarium. In New England, you may also discover a variety of freshwater creatures including salmon and anacondas. Lobsters and octopuses are displayed in the global gallery. The New England Aquarium’s concave habitat displays many ocean hues. Take a tour of the aquarium to see Atlantic rays and several shark types. The Shark and Ray Touch has exhibits including marine jellies for visitors. The aquarium’s ocean tanks and enormous barracuda are its standout attractions.

Shedd Aquarium, Illinois

The largest indoor aquarium in Chicago is Shedd Aquarium. The constantly changing aquarium includes fish species with variable coloration. In the aquarium, you will experience unforgettable interactions with more than 32,500 marine animals. Both penguins and jellyfish may be seen in the Abott Oceanarium. The Waters of the World galleries are open for 3 hours of aquarium exploration. The neighborhood around the aquarium is free, however regular entrance to the aquarium is not. You are permitted to bring food and beverages inside the aquarium, but only in the approved locations. The aquarium’s parking spots on Michigan Avenue and Wabash Avenue are the finest. The dolphin performance is a must-see and lasts around 75 minutes.

SeaWorld, California

At SeaWorld, it is time to delve further into the wonders and secrets of the ocean. Amazing touch pools with a wide variety of fish species may be found at the aquarium in San Diego. You may interact closely with animals and see a camouflaged octopus at the aquarium. Dart frogs and coral reef fish may be found in the magnificent aquarium. Sea horses and clownfish are two further rare finds at the Explorer’s Reef. There are 20 killer whales at SeaWorld in San Diego. When you go to SeaWorld, you may see several different ray species, including a train that looks like a manta ray. The 280,000-gallon display will provide you with a fantastic opportunity to learn about sharks. Manta and Kraken are now closed by the authority though because to renovations. The 200-acre park welcomes families, where they may interact with flamingos.

Texas State Aquarium, Texas

To encourage environmental preservation throughout Texas, the Texas State Aquarium was founded on July 6, 1990. The Gulf of Mexico is home to much of the aquatic life in this aquarium. The Texas State Aquarium aims to save and care for animals. The nursery display provides further information about brine shrimp and bamboo sharks for visitors. There are many tarpons and enigmatic nurse sharks at the aquarium’s Blue Hole Exhibit. Reptiles and flying bats are found in the biosphere, on the other hand. Reef sharks are also on display at the Caribbean Sea exhibit. At the Texas State Aquarium, you can see the underwater creatures come to life. The aquarium offers significant discounts to members of the military and students.

Audubon Aquarium, Louisiana

Near the French Quarter, you may find the Audubon Aquarium along the Mississippi. The thorough aquarium aims to protect aquatic organisms. The Aquarium of the Americas may be toured in 4 hours, depending on how long you spend looking at each exhibit. If the aquarium is not busy, you may take two hours. 400,000 gallons of water may be stored in the aquarium. Visitors to the aquarium may learn about the aquatic species that exists in the Mississippi River. The majority of the marine life in this aquarium is native to North and South America.

Downtown Aquarium, Colorado

The Downtown Aquarium serves as both an exciting aquarium and a recreational area. The multipurpose vacation spot has a Ferris wheel and various swimming pools. 200,000 gallons of water may be held in the Downtown Aquarium’s biggest tank. At least 200 aquatic species may be seen in eight large displays in downtown. You may find out more about aquatic creatures, many of which are North American species, at the Downtown Aquarium. Visit South Platte River exhibits with the assistance of the Aquarium Express train. When visiting Downtown Aquarium, be sure to see a Mystic Mermaids performance.

Newport Aquarium, Kentucky

At Newport Aquarium, you may see thousands of creatures as well as other underwater treasures. You are allowed to touch sea stars and sharks in Shark Central by the personnel of the Newport Aquarium. Snowball and Snowflake reside in Gator Alley. You may find unicorn fish and rays on the coral reef. Dolphins and jellyfish are not, however, present in the Newport Aquarium. Because the aquarium is indoors, it is not affected by the weather. You may visit Newport Aquarium whenever you like to enjoy the fantastic aquatic exhibits.

Best Beaches For Holidays Trip This Summer In United States (Updated 2023)

The genuinely stunning coastlines that should be included on your trip. The top beaches in the USA can transform your beach holiday, so be ready to mix things up. With stunning beaches on every coast, choosing from the many alternatives available while looking for the greatest beaches the country has to offer might be challenging. The top beaches in the USA are genuinely diverse, and each one has something a bit unique to offer. There are a select few beaches in the United States that you just must see, ranging from tourist-friendly coasts with loads of services right on the beach to ruggedly gorgeous hidden coves. Our list includes exquisite white sand beaches, but there are also cooler beaches, ones that are surrounded by natural beauty, pebbled shoreline, and plenty of shade provided by tall trees.

Coast Guard Beach: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

The beaches of Cape Cod have a unique refreshing quality that makes them distinctive. Undoubtedly the greatest and one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole nation is Coast Guard Beach. Large expanses of the coarse sand on this beach are where seals are known to come ashore. During the hotter summer months, swimming in the cool water is popular here, and picturesque sand dunes with seagrass lie right behind the beach. In reality, the name of this well-liked beach comes from an ancient Coast Guard facility that lies up on the sands behind it. The Nauset Lighthouse is about one mile up the road, and from here you can view the Nauset Spot barrier beach system and bay.

Caladesi Island State Park: Clearwater, Florida

How appealing is it to have a 3 mile long, quiet, white-sand beach surrounded by stunning scenery? Caladesi Island State Park could be the nicest beach in the United States if it is exactly your style. Its island position gives it an isolated, private atmosphere that is difficult to get anyplace else. Large shells along the coastlines make it a sanctuary for shelling. The clean water is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. On the island, there are facilities including a ranger station, equipment rentals, a snack bar, bathrooms, and showers a perk you will not frequently discover at such stunning.

Pfeiffer Beach: Big Sur, California

Every year, a large number of tourists go to the magnificent Big Sur coastline, but Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park is home to the must-see Pfeiffer Beach, which is located along the rocky shore. This stunning area is highly diversified and has incredible landforms and features. At Pfeiffer Beach, you will be surrounded by roaring surf, gushing waterfalls, enormous cliffs, lush vegetation, and an abundance of species. It is unique in comparison to other beach resorts, which is what makes it one of the greatest! There are even places where the sand is a rich, violet purple color and the shoreline is dotted with craggy keyhole rocks that tower above your head.

South Padre Island: Texas

South Padre Island beaches in Texas are one of the top beaches in the USA if you are looking for warm water, long expanses of golden sand, and little to no tourists. It does not experience the same kind of extreme surges and waves as beaches along the Atlantic coast do since it is located on the Gulf of Mexico. The entire family will enjoy the peaceful, warm, and soothing waves. When the waves become a little bigger, body surfing is quite popular here, as are leisurely strolls down the 120-mile shore. At South Padre Island beaches, there are usually restaurants close by, including beachfront cafes, food trucks, and pubs that make it simple to take advantage of the beaches.

Smathers Beach: Key West, Florida

Smathers Beach in Key West, which is well-known as the most well-liked beach in the Florida Keys, is more than deserving of a place on the list of the greatest beaches in the USA. The largest public beach on the island is located on a smaller beach (approximately half a mile long) at Key West’s southernmost point. The tropical atmosphere of Smathers Beach are irresistible to groups of friends, families, and lovers. It is made more spectacular by the fine sand, crystal-clear water, palm trees that provide shade along the shore, the close proximity of food trucks and drink stalls, and the abundance of flourishing species on and around the beach.

Cannon Beach: Oregon

Not your average beach town, Cannon Beach is unique. It is a rocky, picturesque beach with views of a lighthouse, rocky coves, and surrounding caves. It has a long, sweeping shoreline. Everyone who has been to Cannon Beach believes that it is among the most gorgeous beaches in the whole nation, according to National Geographic. Here, you can see the enormous Haystack Rock towering from the water, where puffins gather and enchant onlookers. A close-up view of the marine life that abounds on this rocky beach may be obtained from small tidal pools. Hug Point’s sea caves and the nearby hiking trails at Ecola State Park are also worth visiting because of the stunning scenery. Check out the cafes, restaurants, and pubs in downtown Cannon Beach and make a day of it.

Asilomar State Beach: Pacific Grove, California

The crown jewel of South Carolina and one of the nicest beaches in the country is Myrtle Beach. It is an East Coast must-see beach with more than 60 miles of continuous sandy shoreline along the Atlantic. Numerous family-friendly activities, boardwalk shops, eateries, and pubs can be found here. A beachside amusement park, water sport equipment rentals, complete hotel facilities, and several nature cruises to observe dolphins and other marine life are among the attractions. There are many activities available on the beach and in the town of Myrtle Beach for the entire family to enjoy. You may enjoy everything here, from relaxing beach days to mini golf.

Siesta Beach: Sarasota, Florida

Top-ranked Siesta Beach, which frequently appears on lists of the greatest beaches in Florida and the USA, is located on Florida’s Gulf coast. This beach stands out due to its white sand, plenty of attractions, and family-friendly atmosphere. The majority of the sand in this area is quartz, and since it is so delicate, it chirps or squeaks as you walk on it. It enhances the enjoyment of unwinding and having fun on our premier beach. Everyone in the family will have a joy at these rental stations, which provide everything exciting you might wish to experience on the beach, including parasailing, jet skiing, banana boat rides, and more. While beach volleyball is a fantastic way to bring everyone together on the coast, a playground is ideal for youngsters who want to take a break from the sand and waves. This is one of the most entertaining beaches you can visit in the USA thanks to live music, snack bars, restaurants, and a ton of opportunities for day excursions and fishing.

East Beach: Saint Simons Island, Georgia

Off the coast of Georgia, on Saint Simons Island, a stunning barrier island, you may find the well-known East Beach, which has fine, easy-to-walk-on white sand. The shelling is fantastic in this area, with sand dollars and enormous, undamaged shells all along the coast. On the beach, dogs are allowed, and there are a variety of family-friendly activities available, including swimming, kiteboarding, snorkeling, and more. This area’s sand is hard packed, making it simple to walk and ride a bike on and ideal for persons of all abilities. Here, you may find picnic tables, bathrooms, a museum dedicated to World War II, as well as local eateries and pubs. People adore the crystal-clear Atlantic sea in this area, which can be tranquil or have waves that are good for surfing throughout the year.

Best Family-Friendly Vacation Spots In United States (Updated 2023)

A vacation you can all enjoy calls for packing up the entire crew. For some ideas for your upcoming trip, see the top 10 family resorts. To assist you in organizing a trip that would appeal to both adults and children, we chose locations both domestically and overseas that provide a wide variety of activities, sights, and cuisines. We have all the information you need if you are seeking for the top family vacation places to begin organizing your upcoming trip. Before we discuss the top destinations for a family holiday, let us first discuss what constitutes a wonderful family vacation. It is time to plan a fresh and interesting family holiday. From warm beaches with countless water sports and activities to the natural beauty at some of US top Vacation spots.

Yosemite National Park, California

One of the greatest places for families to visit in America is Yosemite National Park, located in eastern central California. Bring the family and explore breathtaking wilderness that has been carved out with wonderful hiking routes, rivers, and campgrounds. While you are here, check out spectacular, roaring waterfalls, stand on the brink of a cliff, and float down the Merced River. You will pass by enormous sequoia trees that are older than some towns, locate exciting places to camp, and learn about horseback-friendly pathways. You can get amazing panorama views of the Yosemite Valley from Glacier Point with only a short bus ride, and there are ton of lodging options in the valley itself, so you are never far from the action.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Every family aspires to visit the renowned Grand Canyon National Park at some point, so why not on your next vacation? GCNP is a national park in Arizona that has impressive rock formations and enormous canyons that have been cut into the rock over millions of years. Major cities like Phoenix and Las Vegas are just a few hours away. Choose your hiking level from the park’s simple to challenging routes, which loop through it and even descend into a canyon. For older children and adults who wish to experience the wonder of the canyon without the taxing climb, the well-known mule rides are exhilarating. The Grand Canyon Railway is a wonderful pastime for people of all ages with fantastic vistas along the way, and the Colorado River is ideal for rafting.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Camping in Yellowstone for a few nights in a tent can make the vacation special for the whole family. For the greatest camping weather, you should arrive between June and September. Just imagine your family spending time together on walks, taking in the incredible natural beauty, and camping at Yellowstone National Park? For a reason, this has been a long-time popular destination for family vacations. Every hour or so, you will get the opportunity to witness the famed Old Faithful geyser shoot 184 feet into the air with great power. But there are other things for families to do at this park. The park contains almost half of the geysers in the globe, in addition to fantastic hiking paths for all skill levels and difficulty levels. At the Discovery Center, stop by to view the almost 300 waterfalls shrouded in rainbow mists and look out for bison, wolves, and grizzlies.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Look no farther than Cape Cod if you are looking for seaside family fun and a variety of things to do! It is a treasure that everyone will want to return time and time again since there is so much to do here all year long. Go to the beach while it is warm to construct sandcastles, go swimming, and look for shells and sea glass. If you wish to go swimming, arrange your visit around August when the water is closest to 70F. Mini golf, a trip to the Heritage Museums and Gardens, or a stroll through Nickerson State Park are all enjoyable activities for both children and adults. Visit lighthouses, watch a drive-in movie, and take the family bike riding on the Cape Cod Rail Trail. While you are here, do not forget to eat some local seafood. Visit the Atlantic White Shark Center; it is entertaining and instructive, but beware; it could make future ocean dives a bit unnerving.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

The Outer Banks are a great place for a family vacation since it offers relaxation, a seaside atmosphere, and a lot of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Off the coast of North Carolina, there is a group of islands known as the Outer Banks. The islands feel more isolated than locations like Destin because of the miles of beaches that line the shores. During your visit, everyone will be entertained by the breathtaking lighthouses, North Carolina Aquarium, and instructive Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum. Think about going on a dolphin cruise in Nag’s Head, fishing off, playing mini golf on a course with a pirate theme, and going on a horseback excursion.

Lake Tahoe, California

An amazing destination for a family vacation is Lake Tahoe. All ages will enjoy the hiking, water activities, and stunning landscape here. Do you enjoy exercise? Take a day excursion to Yosemite or go on a hike at Eagle Falls or Emerald Bay State Park. You could appreciate swimming, jet skiing, wakeboarding, or water sports in general. In the cooler months, you may go snowshoeing in South Lake Tahoe and ski or snowboard at Heavenly by using the gondola. Visits to the Tallac Historic Site, Donner Memorial State Park and Museum, the 1920s Vikingsholm Mansion, and the Taylor Creek Visitor Center are all enjoyable but less taxing activities. If you visit Lake Tahoe at a different time of year, your experience will be very different.

Destin, Florida

You and your family are looking for a classic beach vacation. Skip over the adult-only fantasy beaches that are calm and isolated and travel to the pleasantly touristy Destin instead. There are no comparisons for the beach activities, surf, or sunlight here. If you travel during the ideal season, which is often from April to June, you will have almost ideal weather. Destin offers endless entertainment options, including water parks, Gator Beach, Harborwalk Village, and the nearby Crab Island. The pirate ship cruises where kids may fire water cannons at other boats are a hit with the younger set. Visit dolphins and vibrant fish in their natural habitat by snorkeling or diving. The ultra-fine quartz white sand generates amusing squeaks with each step you take, and beachfront eateries make dining a delight. Adventure sports like parasailing and banana boat rides are always an option, as are deep sea fishing, dolphin cruises, glass-bottom boat tours, and other water-based excursions.

San Diego, California

San Diego is a fantastic destination for a trip that is family-friendly and has activities for all ages. This destination is at the top of the list for family vacations since it offers informative museums and scientific centers as well as tranquil seas ideal for swimming. Parents may enjoy kid favorites like the well-known San Diego Zoo, which is rated as one of the best in the country, SeaWorld, and Safari Park. Spend a day or two playing leisurely at the beach to refresh yourself. Family-friendly beaches may be found in San Diego. A really stunning sight, the Carlsbad Flower Fields in the spring provide a ton of activities for youngsters. There are several attractions, including tractor rides, pick-your-own berries, Santa’s Playground, and short mazes. Kids will beg to go to Legoland California, and the small ones will be in awe of the recently opened Sesame Place San Diego theme park themed on Sesame Street.

Best Family-Friendly Zoo Parks This Summer In United States – Part 2 (Updated 2023)

A trip to the zoo may make a summer memorable for a youngster or adult. We are lucky to live in a country that looks after wonderful animals and allows us to see them. Whether you visit your local zoo or come across one while touring the country, you will enjoy one of the finest American zoos on our list.

Audubon Zoo: New Orleans, LA

In 1914, the Audubon Nature Institute established a zoo in New Orleans, Louisiana. Since then, it has accumulated more over 2,000 animals and features several exhibitions. A swamp display with creatures from the nearby bayou is among the most well-liked. At Audubon, guests are permitted to approach the creatures up close and personal—while still remaining safe, of course.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Powell, OH

The Columbus Zoo continues to astonish tourists every year, despite the Cincinnati Zoo’s fame. This zoo is quite engaging and fascinating, with over 10,000 species, and dozens of displays. In conjunction with admission packages, they provide boat and rail tours of the zoo.

Brookfield Zoo: Brookfield, IL

The Brookfield Zoo is another sizable urban zoo located in the Chicago suburbs. Many of its exhibits are well-known, but its well-known dinosaur display with its animatronic dinosaurs and kid-friendly activities is particularly well-known. You might want to consider scheduling a weekend visit or seeing a few exhibits as the Brookfield Zoo is difficult to cover in a single day.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo: Colorado Springs, CO

The Western American animals are on display at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, one of the best zoos in the Northwest. Cheyenne Mountain, a specific display for Rocky Mountain wildlife, is situated near Colorado Springs. But there are other species at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo as well. Animal worlds from all the major continents are also available at the zoo. They offer a small aquarium and a particular primate section in the price of the admission.

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, Omaha, NE

The finest zoo in the world and in the United States. Omaha’s zoo is also remarkably vast for such a sedate city. We are talking about production values comparable to theme parks, complete with splash areas, helicopters, a skyfari, and just about any kind of environment and amusement a child or an animal could desire. A little under 1,000 distinct types of animals may be found at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska. In addition to many other exhibits, the Zoo features ones on Asia, Africa, and the South Pole. You can bring food, however Henry Doorly has affordable rates for the food sellers and carts.

Smithsonian National Zoological Park: Washington, DC

The Smithsonian National Zoo, is located in Washington, D.C. Giant pandas Tai Shan and Bei Bei, who have resided there since 2005, have made it renowned. The zoo does, however, also house several additional species, including inhabitants of Africa, Asia, America, and the Arctic. For its work on animal conservation and research, the Smithsonian National Zoo is well-known. The Smithsonian Institution’s Smithsonian Institution Zoo is free to enter. Every visitor, nevertheless, needs a ticket that has been reserved in advance. Visit our country’s zoo if you are in the capital city when you are there.

Philadelphia Zoo: Philadelphia, PA

The Philadelphia Zoo is proud to be America’s first official zoo. Some of the most fascinating animal species and exhibits have been on display there since it first opened in 1874. With activities for both adults and kids, this zoo is definitely a family affair. But the Philadelphia Zoo’s reputation extends beyond its assortment of animals. Additionally, it offers a wide range of dining alternatives, including vineyards and fast food. The zoo is only partially open in the fall and winter, but it is open a lot more in the summer.

Best Family-Friendly Zoo Parks This Summer In United States – Part 1 (Updated 2023)

The greatest zoos in the United States are a terrific place to start when choosing your next vacation spot. Each of them has been compiled, along with a list of its top attractions. Make sure to finish the article. The top zoos in the United States range in size from little city zoos to enormous, multi-acre safari environments. In the US alone, there are close to 400 zoos dedicated to protecting and exhibiting exotic animal species. The greatest zoos feature a wide variety of animals, are simple for families of all sizes to get to, and are engaging for visitors of all ages. Here are the top zoos in America.

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, Cincinnati, OH

The Cincinnati Zoo, the second-oldest zoo in the country and the most well-known in Ohio, has been entertaining tourists since 1875. The admission fee includes access to a gorgeous botanical garden as well as displays from all around the world. The Cincinnati Zoo has all the standard zoo attractions in addition to a bug display, which is unusual among American metropolitan zoos.

Bronx Zoo: The Bronx, NY

One of the biggest city zoos in the nation is the Bronx Zoo in New York City. It contains more than 4,000 animals inside its boundaries and is situated on both sides of the Bronx River. One of the most adored sites in New York is the Bronx Zoo. Remember that this zoo is huge if you decide to visit it. Due of its size (more than 250 acres), visiting the entire zoo may take more than one day. Plan beforehand for the exhibits you most want to see if you are going with children or have a limited amount of time.

Dallas Zoo: Dallas, TX

Texas has a number of zoos, but the Dallas Zoo is the friendliest to visitors. Compared to many others on our list, it is a smaller zoo, yet it nevertheless houses a vast range of creatures. Because of the Texas sun, it is essential that every road be well-shaded and cool.

Zoo Miami: Miami, FL

Actually a zoological park and garden, Zoo Miami is more than just a typical zoo. It includes more than 500 plant species and 500 animal species. Florida’s largest zoo, Zoo Miami, covers more than 300 acres. species of the Everglades, which features Florida species, is their most distinctive exhibit. Amazonian animals, Asian animals, African animals, Australian animals, and a children’s zoo are all on display at Zoo Miami. The kids’ zoo is perfect if you are bringing young kids since it has some of the most well-known zoo animals, lots of activities, a playground, and a fountain where you can cool off.

Denver Zoo: Denver, CO

A fantastic spot to view exotic creatures from throughout the world is the Denver Zoo. But it is also a fantastic spot to eat, hang out with family, and see how these creatures are taken care of. One of the most well-liked and ethical zoos in the country is the Denver Zoo. The zookeepers do not compel the animals to spend the entire day outside in their cages since they are dedicated to taking care of them. We suggest visiting the zoo in the morning if you want to view more animals.

San Diego Zoo: San Diego, CA

Possibly the most well-known zoo in the nation is the San Diego Zoo. It would be negligent of any ranking of the top zoos in the US to include this zoo. This zoo, which covers 100 acres and houses 3,500 animals, has live entertainment, rides, and other unique activities that you will not find at other zoos. Once you are inside the zoo, you may spend the entire day taking in all the delights that this amazing piece of nature has to offer.

Saint Louis Zoo: St. Louis, MO

The largest free zoo in the country is the Saint Louis Zoo. Additionally, it is regarded as one of the most moral and reputable facilities for animal research in the country. The Saint Louis Zoo, which runs entirely on donations, aims to inform and amuse the public while doing research on and caring for animals. Even if certain attractions and activities have a fee, you may visit the zoo for free all day long! You may give your family the most thrilling free experience they have had in a while by packing food and drinks.