Best Family-Friendly Aquariums In United States – Part 1 (Updated 2024)

We have a rare opportunity to view exotic marine life as well as other species that inhabit lakes and rivers in aquariums. Additionally, going to aquariums is a fantastic way to decompress and get immersed in the aquatic environment. Commonly, aquariums are among the top tourist attractions in any city. They provide the chance to have a combine entertainment and education, or simply get to interact in person with your favorite sea life.

Georgia Aquarium, Georgia

The largest aquarium in the country, Georgia Aquarium has over 100,000 animals and 500 underwater species. It is the only aquarium in the country where whale sharks are kept. Large viewing windows allow you to see the whale sharks. In the aquarium, you may also see sea lions and sea otters. When you enter the aquarium, you must present your ID. Your general admission ticket to the Georgia Aquarium includes free access to the Dolphin Celebration program and dolphin presentations.

New England Aquarium, Massachusetts

Boston’s New England Aquarium is a popular tourist destination. Numerous aquatic creatures, including African penguins, may be found in the aquarium. In New England, you may also discover a variety of freshwater creatures including salmon and anacondas. Lobsters and octopuses are displayed in the global gallery. The New England Aquarium’s concave habitat displays many ocean hues. Take a tour of the aquarium to see Atlantic rays and several shark types. The Shark and Ray Touch has exhibits including marine jellies for visitors. The aquarium’s ocean tanks and enormous barracuda are its standout attractions.

Shedd Aquarium, Illinois

The largest indoor aquarium in Chicago is Shedd Aquarium. The constantly changing aquarium includes fish species with variable coloration. In the aquarium, you will experience unforgettable interactions with more than 32,500 marine animals. Both penguins and jellyfish may be seen in the Abott Oceanarium. The Waters of the World galleries are open for 3 hours of aquarium exploration. The neighborhood around the aquarium is free, however regular entrance to the aquarium is not. You are permitted to bring food and beverages inside the aquarium, but only in the approved locations. The aquarium’s parking spots on Michigan Avenue and Wabash Avenue are the finest. The dolphin performance is a must-see and lasts around 75 minutes.

SeaWorld, California

At SeaWorld, it is time to delve further into the wonders and secrets of the ocean. Amazing touch pools with a wide variety of fish species may be found at the aquarium in San Diego. You may interact closely with animals and see a camouflaged octopus at the aquarium. Dart frogs and coral reef fish may be found in the magnificent aquarium. Sea horses and clownfish are two further rare finds at the Explorer’s Reef. There are 20 killer whales at SeaWorld in San Diego. When you go to SeaWorld, you may see several different ray species, including a train that looks like a manta ray. The 280,000-gallon display will provide you with a fantastic opportunity to learn about sharks. Manta and Kraken are now closed by the authority though because to renovations. The 200-acre park welcomes families, where they may interact with flamingos.

Texas State Aquarium, Texas

To encourage environmental preservation throughout Texas, the Texas State Aquarium was founded on July 6, 1990. The Gulf of Mexico is home to much of the aquatic life in this aquarium. The Texas State Aquarium aims to save and care for animals. The nursery display provides further information about brine shrimp and bamboo sharks for visitors. There are many tarpons and enigmatic nurse sharks at the aquarium’s Blue Hole Exhibit. Reptiles and flying bats are found in the biosphere, on the other hand. Reef sharks are also on display at the Caribbean Sea exhibit. At the Texas State Aquarium, you can see the underwater creatures come to life. The aquarium offers significant discounts to members of the military and students.

Audubon Aquarium, Louisiana

Near the French Quarter, you may find the Audubon Aquarium along the Mississippi. The thorough aquarium aims to protect aquatic organisms. The Aquarium of the Americas may be toured in 4 hours, depending on how long you spend looking at each exhibit. If the aquarium is not busy, you may take two hours. 400,000 gallons of water may be stored in the aquarium. Visitors to the aquarium may learn about the aquatic species that exists in the Mississippi River. The majority of the marine life in this aquarium is native to North and South America.

Downtown Aquarium, Colorado

The Downtown Aquarium serves as both an exciting aquarium and a recreational area. The multipurpose vacation spot has a Ferris wheel and various swimming pools. 200,000 gallons of water may be held in the Downtown Aquarium’s biggest tank. At least 200 aquatic species may be seen in eight large displays in downtown. You may find out more about aquatic creatures, many of which are North American species, at the Downtown Aquarium. Visit South Platte River exhibits with the assistance of the Aquarium Express train. When visiting Downtown Aquarium, be sure to see a Mystic Mermaids performance.

Newport Aquarium, Kentucky

At Newport Aquarium, you may see thousands of creatures as well as other underwater treasures. You are allowed to touch sea stars and sharks in Shark Central by the personnel of the Newport Aquarium. Snowball and Snowflake reside in Gator Alley. You may find unicorn fish and rays on the coral reef. Dolphins and jellyfish are not, however, present in the Newport Aquarium. Because the aquarium is indoors, it is not affected by the weather. You may visit Newport Aquarium whenever you like to enjoy the fantastic aquatic exhibits.

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