Best Family-Friendly Zoo Parks This Summer In United States – Part 1 (Updated 2024)

The greatest zoos in the United States are a terrific place to start when choosing your next vacation spot. Each of them has been compiled, along with a list of its top attractions. Make sure to finish the article. The top zoos in the United States range in size from little city zoos to enormous, multi-acre safari environments. In the US alone, there are close to 400 zoos dedicated to protecting and exhibiting exotic animal species. The greatest zoos feature a wide variety of animals, are simple for families of all sizes to get to, and are engaging for visitors of all ages. Here are the top zoos in America.

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, Cincinnati, OH

The Cincinnati Zoo, the second-oldest zoo in the country and the most well-known in Ohio, has been entertaining tourists since 1875. The admission fee includes access to a gorgeous botanical garden as well as displays from all around the world. The Cincinnati Zoo has all the standard zoo attractions in addition to a bug display, which is unusual among American metropolitan zoos.

Bronx Zoo: The Bronx, NY

One of the biggest city zoos in the nation is the Bronx Zoo in New York City. It contains more than 4,000 animals inside its boundaries and is situated on both sides of the Bronx River. One of the most adored sites in New York is the Bronx Zoo. Remember that this zoo is huge if you decide to visit it. Due of its size (more than 250 acres), visiting the entire zoo may take more than one day. Plan beforehand for the exhibits you most want to see if you are going with children or have a limited amount of time.

Dallas Zoo: Dallas, TX

Texas has a number of zoos, but the Dallas Zoo is the friendliest to visitors. Compared to many others on our list, it is a smaller zoo, yet it nevertheless houses a vast range of creatures. Because of the Texas sun, it is essential that every road be well-shaded and cool.

Zoo Miami: Miami, FL

Actually a zoological park and garden, Zoo Miami is more than just a typical zoo. It includes more than 500 plant species and 500 animal species. Florida’s largest zoo, Zoo Miami, covers more than 300 acres. species of the Everglades, which features Florida species, is their most distinctive exhibit. Amazonian animals, Asian animals, African animals, Australian animals, and a children’s zoo are all on display at Zoo Miami. The kids’ zoo is perfect if you are bringing young kids since it has some of the most well-known zoo animals, lots of activities, a playground, and a fountain where you can cool off.

Denver Zoo: Denver, CO

A fantastic spot to view exotic creatures from throughout the world is the Denver Zoo. But it is also a fantastic spot to eat, hang out with family, and see how these creatures are taken care of. One of the most well-liked and ethical zoos in the country is the Denver Zoo. The zookeepers do not compel the animals to spend the entire day outside in their cages since they are dedicated to taking care of them. We suggest visiting the zoo in the morning if you want to view more animals.

San Diego Zoo: San Diego, CA

Possibly the most well-known zoo in the nation is the San Diego Zoo. It would be negligent of any ranking of the top zoos in the US to include this zoo. This zoo, which covers 100 acres and houses 3,500 animals, has live entertainment, rides, and other unique activities that you will not find at other zoos. Once you are inside the zoo, you may spend the entire day taking in all the delights that this amazing piece of nature has to offer.

Saint Louis Zoo: St. Louis, MO

The largest free zoo in the country is the Saint Louis Zoo. Additionally, it is regarded as one of the most moral and reputable facilities for animal research in the country. The Saint Louis Zoo, which runs entirely on donations, aims to inform and amuse the public while doing research on and caring for animals. Even if certain attractions and activities have a fee, you may visit the zoo for free all day long! You may give your family the most thrilling free experience they have had in a while by packing food and drinks.

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