Finally Nothing Has Revealed Nothing Phone (2) Design & Color Options Before Its Launch Date July 11, 2023

We now have an official appearance of the rear of the white and grey versions of the Nothing Phone (2), which will go on sale on July 11. On first sight, the design hasn’t changed much, however the device does have a modified Glyph Interface. Regarding the Glyph Interface, MKBHD released an exclusive glimpse at the redesigned back design of the Nothing Phone (2). Another change from the original Nothing phone (1) is that the top and sides of the back now bend into the frame.

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The Nothing Phone (2) has 11 segmented LED strips as compared to the Nothing Phone (1)’s 5 segmented LED strips. Since there are 33 LED illumination zones in the upgraded Glyph Interface as compared to 12 on the Nothing Phone (1), there should be more precise control over the LEDs. The Glyph Interface on the rear of the Nothing Phone (2) provides volume control and displays the volume level. Similar to this, the Glyph timer displays the remaining time inside the LED strip on the rear. Nothing had also added Essential notifications, which link the top-right LED to a specific app and keep the LED light until the notice is cleared. Hopefully in future Nothing will also collaborate with third-party app developers to utilize the new Glyph Interface, currently Uber and Zamato had Signed up to work on Glyph Interface in future.


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