First GTA VI Trailer Is Official Now!

GTA VI has been confirmed as a reality, and its anticipated release is scheduled for 2025. The highly awaited debut trailer for the game was unexpectedly launched a day earlier than originally announced, shared across all of Rockstar Games’ social media platforms. This unveiling marks a decade since the release of GTA V and a quarter-century since the establishment of Rockstar Games. The forthcoming installment is situated in modern-day Vice City, showcasing striking resemblances to real-life locales such as Miami Beach and the state of Florida. A noteworthy aspect is the introduction of Lucia as one of the main protagonists, marking a historic moment in GTA as the first female lead character. Lucia is portrayed alongside her partner Jason, whose name, although not officially confirmed by Rockstar, has previously surfaced in leaks. The trailer provides glimpses of various vehicles familiar from the Los Santos setting, indicating a shared universe between the two games.

Graphics in GTA VI are promised to be unparalleled compared to any previous Grand Theft Auto game, despite limited details in the video, which features brief clips resembling a TikTok-style social media format. The game’s initial release is slated for PlayStation 5 and XBOX X|S, as announced by Take-Two, Rockstar’s parent company, in a press release. While an exact release date for 2025 is still undisclosed, there are rumors circulating about an April 1, 2025, launch. Though this might raise suspicions of an elaborate April Fools’ joke, it wouldn’t be entirely unexpected given Rockstar Games’ penchant for tongue-in-cheek humor.

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