Nothing OS 2.5 Stable Update Is Rolling Out

Nothing Tech has officially released the stable Nothing OS 2.5 update for Phone (2) users and will be soon available to Phone (1) users in near future, bringing significant enhancements to the user experience. Among the notable changes are the introduction of new widgets, updates to the Glyph interface, and expanded customization options for both home and lock screens. One of the key features introduced is the Glyph Progress integration for Google Calendar, providing users with a seamless and integrated scheduling experience. Additionally, improvements have been made to the Glyph timer, now operable directly from the lock screen, enhancing accessibility and convenience. The array of new widget options includes a pedometer for effortless daily step tracking, an upgraded media player for an enriched multimedia experience, and a screen time widget to help users manage and monitor their device usage effectively. A noteworthy addition is the introduction of a new double-tap gesture for the power button, allowing users to easily access any desired feature with a simple and intuitive action. Nothing has also confirmed the initiation of the open beta phase for Phone (1) users later this month, extending the benefits of the update to a broader user base. For Nothing Phone (2) users eager to embrace the latest features, the update can be accessed by navigating to Settings > System > System Update. However, the rollout process is gradual, and some users may experience a slight delay before the update becomes available on their devices.

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