Now You Can Delete Your Threads Account Without Deleting Your Instagram Account

Meta introduced Threads in early July, and within just five days, the text-oriented platform garnered an impressive 100 million users. Initially, users discovered a drawback – once Threads was activated, the only way to remove it was by deleting the entire Instagram account. Instagram’s Head, Adam Mosseri, has now addressed this limitation. Exiting Threads is now more flexible; users can navigate to Settings > Account > Delete or Deactivate Profile. This provides the choice to either temporarily suspend or permanently delete the Threads account, ensuring your Instagram account remains unaffected. In a recent update, Meta altered how Threads posts are displayed, extending their visibility to other Meta platforms such as Facebook. Additionally, users now have the option to control this visibility. By accessing Settings > Privacy, users can limit the display of Threads posts, though it’s important to note that this feature currently applies to Facebook and not Instagram. Instagram will continue to showcase your Threads posts regardless of these privacy settings.


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