WhatsApp Has Added A New Tool For Transferring Chat History Using QR Codes

With WhatsApp’s new conversation history transfer functionality, you can easily transfer your chats and files to a new smartphone without the need for online backups. Users using the new function receive a QR code for their backed-up history on their old device, which is subsequently transferred locally to their new phone over same Wi-Fi network. Currently, only transfers between devices running the same OS, such as iOS to iOS and Android to Android, are supported by the new chat history recovery capability that is being rolled out to WhatsApp Beta users. The procedure is navigating to the Settings page inside WhatsApp/Chats/Chat transfer where, if it is available to you, you will notice the new option. Chat history information is securely secured during transfer and is only shared between the two smartphones, according to WhatsApp parent company Meta(Facebook). If you have larger backups that do not fit in your cloud storage, the function is also useful. We can only hope that WhatsApp will make it easier to transfer data between devices running various operating systems. Because transferring information from an Android phone to an iPhone now requires downloading different apps. While a USB-C to Lightning connector is necessary for an iPhone to Android transfer.


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