WhatsApp Rolls Out Multiple Accounts Support For Android Devices

WhatsApp now enables the use of two separate accounts on a single Android smartphone, a functionality that has been long offered by Telegram. Although this feature has been in testing among WhatsApp’s beta users, it is currently making its way to the stable channel for wider availability. This ability allows users to have two distinct WhatsApp accounts simultaneously on one device, eliminating the necessity for carrying multiple smartphones or employing app cloning. To establish the second WhatsApp account, you’ll naturally require a second phone number and a corresponding SIM card or a phone equipped with multi-SIM or eSIM support. However, even if your secondary SIM card is on a different device, you should still be able to set up the second WhatsApp account, provided you can receive the necessary security code for login. Once you’ve sorted out the prerequisites, you can navigate to the WhatsApp settings, tap on the arrow adjacent to your name, select “Add account,” and adhere to the provided instructions.

Image Source: www.whatsapp.com

WhatsApp says that you can manage your privacy and notification preferences for each account separately. It’s important to note that although we’re operating the most up-to-date version of WhatsApp on our Android devices, the option to configure a second account has not yet appeared. Therefore, it might take at least a week or two before this feature becomes accessible to all Android users worldwide.


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