Microsoft Announces New 1TB variant Of The Xbox Series S In Carbon Black

Microsoft recently unveiled a new model of the inexpensive Xbox Series S console. The normal model has 512GB of storage, whilst the new model has 1TB. The new edition should be readily distinguishable from the 512GB variant thanks to its all-black exterior and matching black controller. Starting on September 1st, the 1TB Series S will be offered, which is more expensive than the 512GB variant.

For the Xbox Series consoles, storage has been made generally more inexpensive. Expandable storage drives for these consoles have just recently been available from Western Digital’s 512GB model and the 1TB model. Similar devices are available from Seagate as well. For a while, the sole option was the 1TB Seagate drive.

A new controller and headset are also coming for Xbox in addition, aside greater storage options. The next open world action role-playing game from Bethesda, Starfield, has been integrated into the creation of these. Red highlights may be seen on the new controller’s white and gray color scheme. The shoulder buttons are translucent, and the d-pad is finished in gold. The controller, meanwhile, has a crimson headband, a white body, and gold accents.

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