Twitter App Renamed To X On iOS App Store & Google Play Store

The famous bird in Twitter’s emblem, known as Larry Bird, was recently discontinued by Elon Musk. Twitter received a new logo and a formal rebranding last week under the name X. Even if the iOS software was updated a few days later to reflect the new brand. Twitter is now listed on the App Store page as X instead of Twitter. Several users have already observed that the Twitter page in the App Store currently just displays the name “X” without any other words or characters. The switch from Twitter to X has generated a lot of controversy. Not just because Musk made the dubious choice to discontinue one of the most well-known brands in the world, but also because it appears to have been a last-minute decision. On the Google Play Store, the app is also renamed and now known as X too. It seems like Musk wants to make X into a worldwide version of WeChat, which is popular in China. According to CEO Linda Yaccarino, the platform’s goals are as she describes in the following tweet.

It remains to be seen whether this rebranding is a good idea or not, after all, Twitter was once a well-known brand. Even when Google and Facebook reorganized as Alphabet and Meta, respectively, they retained the names of their most well-known products. Not only the site/app name, after being widely used, the word “tweet” has been replaced with the more general “post”.

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