WhatsApp’s Chat Lock: Hide Conversations With Secret Code

WhatsApp introduced the Chat Lock feature in May, enabling users to secure their chats with their device password or biometric credentials, such as a fingerprint. These protected conversations are discreetly stored within a designated “Locked Chats” folder, seamlessly integrated into the chat list. In an effort to enhance security and privacy for these locked chats, WhatsApp has unveiled the innovative Secret Code for Chat Lock. The Secret Code feature introduces an extra layer of safeguarding by allowing users to set a distinct password, independent of their device password. This unique password conceals the “Locked Chats” folder, rendering it invisible in the chat list. The folder can only be revealed by entering the secret code into the WhatsApp search bar. Users have the flexibility to craft their secret code using a combination of letters, numbers, special characters, and even emojis.

For those who prefer not to conceal their locked chats, WhatsApp has streamlined the process of locking a chat. Now, users can effortlessly lock a chat by simply long-pressing on it, eliminating the need to navigate to the chat’s settings. This user-friendly approach aims to make securing chats more convenient. The rollout of the Secret Code feature has commenced, and it is set to become available globally to all users over the coming months. WhatsApp’s commitment to user privacy and security continues to evolve, providing a comprehensive and accessible solution for safeguarding personal conversations.

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